Outcast Foods Launches Single-Ingredient Powders to Tackle Food Waste and Boost Nutrition

Canada-based upcycling food company Outcast Foods has introduced five single-ingredient powders crafted from rescued apples, beets, kale, broccoli, and blueberries. The innovative products not only aim to combat food waste but also cater to the rising consumer demand for nutrient-dense, clean label nutritional powders.

Dr. Darren Burke, CEO of Outcast Foods, highlighted the product’s health appeal, emphasizing that each average scoop contains four servings of vegetables. The versatility of the powders makes them suitable for various demographics, ranging from parents incorporating them into kids’ meals to health-conscious adults seeking nutritional enhancements for soups or morning shakes.

The powders boast vegan, gluten-free, sugar-free, non-GMO, and organic certifications, ensuring that they meet the highest standards. All ingredients are sourced exclusively from North American farms, aligning with Outcast Foods’ commitment to quality and sustainability.

Burke noted a surge in demand for single-ingredient powders, driven by their versatility and the health benefits associated with increased fruit and vegetable intake. The powders can easily be integrated into a variety of foods, including soups, dressings, and baked goods, offering an accessible way to enhance nutritional content.

Outcast Foods positions itself as part of the circular economy solution, aiming to address the significant issue of food waste, which accounts for approximately 40 percent of total food production. By creating high-quality products from surplus food in its Canadian manufacturing facilities, the company contributes to the reduction of food waste.

Burke expressed optimism about the growing awareness of upcycling, emphasizing the importance of educating consumers on the impact of rescuing food and keeping it within the food chain. He believes that purpose-driven choices by consumers will increase as awareness of the benefits of upcycling grows.

Outcast Foods, in its constant pursuit of improvement, has built a robust network of farmers, processors, and retailers to efficiently source surplus produce. The company is set to open a purpose-built facility in Ontario, emphasizing its commitment to scaling operations and expanding its impact on food waste reduction.

The expansion will allow Outcast to divert over 1,000,000 lbs of food per month from going to waste, meet increased production needs, and further develop innovative products like the newly introduced single-ingredient powders.

Outcast Foods is also focusing on co-branding efforts, collaborating with consumer brands such as MadeGood and Happy Planet to incorporate Outcast ingredients into their products. The company sees these partnerships as an avenue to enhance the value and purpose of its offerings.

The upcycling trend is gaining momentum in the food industry, with various companies incorporating rescued ingredients into new product developments. The Upcycled Food Association in the US has even introduced the “world’s first mark certifying upcycled food” for over 255 products and ingredients, reflecting the increasing importance of sustainability in the food sector. Detail article here